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I want all of these, and I need to go to the store that sells them soon!!!!!! Hint hint

seriously i need that herzog shirt


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so bad it’s good, it’s great, it’s incredible


so bad itโ€™s good, itโ€™s great, itโ€™s incredible

The mood I’m in, unless it has Louis Garrel getting naked or Isabelle Huppert going nuts, I’m not interested. Luckily, they all do.

Ultra Slow Wuthering Heights by Kate Bush (36 minutes slow, you have been warned!)

If David Lynch was super gay, this is what his soundtracks would be like.

My roommate, verbatim, to himself: “I am having a blast with this new downloadable content.” I believe I have a case now for justifiable homicide.

How’s your morning?

How’s your morning?

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